You know a phrase I’ve really, really grown to hate? “Life is a journey.” 

I don’t hate it because it’s untrue – I think we can agree that at least on some level it is a true phrase. But what it doesn’t do is tell the full story. Life might be a journey but while a bit of the journey is moving forward and onward to great things, sometimes backwards despite the efforts you’re making…but what’s so rarely mentioned is that much of the time, that journey is a lull, a time where there’s very little or no progress at all. 

Before you freak out on me and tell me that I’m wrong or that I’m missing the point of the phrase, let me reassure you that I GET IT. I’m only saying this to hone in on one point in particular – 


Or, as I wish someone would say to me during these times, just stop being so damn hard on yourself. 

You don’t need to constantly be “finding yourself,” despite what popular media and click-bait blogs want you to believe. You don’t need to be chasing unachievable goals only to be let down when you hit a wall. And you absolutely don’t need to think that this weird “funk” you’re going through is the end-all-be-all of who you are. 

You aren’t your “funks,” you aren’t your “lulls” in progress, and just because you’re taking a rest doesn’t mean your journey is over. 

I will now close out this serious of thought with what might be the world’s worst analogy, but I’m going to go with it anyway. Think of yourself as a rock. If that rock (you, in this case) is constantly in motion, then there’s no way that moss can grow on it. However, if that rock stops for a while and gives itself time to rest and grow, it becomes something more than a rock. It’s a rock that can now support an eco-system, it’s beautiful, and it’s more equipped to protect itself from the elements. 

Now, go out and be a rock. I’m not sure how to make that sound cool, but you rock nonetheless.