Using Doubt To Drive You ForwardWhen I think back on all of the big achievements in my life, each and every one of them includes at least one period of doubt. I’ve known that I wanted to do something, that I was fully capable of achieving that which I wanted to do, and yet I worried that for some reason there might be a problem. Using Doubt To Drive You Forward

Think back on your own achievements with me for a moment. When you were on the right track, for the most part things flow easily and you feel great about the direction you’re going – but what about those times where you doubted? How did those affect your journey toward the goal?

In my own experience, this sort of doubt has manifested itself in a variety of ways. When I was singing competitively, I would doubt my capabilities. When I created this site, I worried that my content wouldn’t catch on with any audience. When I moved across the country from Atlanta to California, I worried that I might be making the wrong choice.

But it’s not those moments of doubt necessarily that keep us from achieving or not, it’s how we react to it.

When I was worried about my singing capabilities, I trained harder and put more work into making sure I could nail each piece. When I doubted whether my content would catch on with audiences, I adapted it so that I could still write from my heart but in a way that others would enjoy. And when I moved across the country, I reminded myself that even if my doubts rang true the world wouldn’t come to an end and everything would work out.

It’s not about being fearless or without doubt. It’s about taking those doubts and worries and turning them into a launching point.

When the doubts arise, you have a couple of choices. You can crumple beneath that weight of uncertainty letting the doubts overpower the belief in yourself and your capabilities and know that you’ll always look back on these moments and wonder what might’ve happened if you’d powered through…or you can take a hard look at the doubts, realize why you might be having them, and make the necessary changes so that you can come to a better place in the path towards your success.

Ask anyone who’s ever done something great about their doubts. Sometimes those doubts tell a better story than the end result. We aren’t simply our achievements – we are carefully crafted stories that include both ups and downs, failures and successes. Feeling doubtful? Let that doubt drive you forward.

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