Who doesn’t love that pat on the back when you’ve done something great? That feeling recognized for your accomplishments and knowing that other people recognize you as someone who does things that result in applause. And even if that great accomplishment is a personal one that sparks no public announcement, or no one knowing what you’ve done, there’s a feeling inside that’s proud and, even in a strange way, reassuring.

Those are the large victories.

And even though they’re important and make you feel great, they’re few and far between. There are times when you do something good and get a good feeling out of it. Maybe you landed a new client, went to the gym 4 times this week instead of your usual 3, or helped your coworker solve a difficult problem. Again, these make you feel good about yourself and might result in a bit of recognition from others.

Those are small victories.

Despite every blogger and influencer harping about how you should celebrate them too (which, by the way, you should) they don’t generally occur every day.

So that leaves us with what i’m going to refer to as tiny victories.

At the end of the day, tiny victories are who you really are and what you should be celebrating. Got out of bed this morning even though it was really tough? Tiny victory! Made dinner even though it would’ve been way easier to just order take-out? Tiny victory! Held your tongue instead of saying something you would later regret? Guess what-tiny victory!.

It’s not about the recognition or the pots on the back or even the good feelings you get when you do something great (use those as motivation to keepup the good work though.) It’s about celebrating those things that are hyper-personal and unseen by most others.

Because ultimately even though we continue to strive for those large victories, it’s the tiny ones-heck, even the teeny-tiny victories – that make us into a better person each and every day.