Hello everyone! What To Talk About This Week At Brunch

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week. It’s been pretty quiet over here on my end – after being sick for a bit of last week, it’s taken a lot of work to get back on schedule. Thankfully, I think I’m nearly there and can maybe use this weekend to catch up on some sleep.

I’ve put together a bit of a garden on my balcony as we head into the summer, so I’d love any tips you might have regarding gardening. I’ve googled, so I know a good bit but any personal tips could be cool if you have them.

Until next time –

A new study has come out with findings that say British babies cry the most and Danish babies cry the least. Clearly they didn’t take that one screaming kid from my last flight into account, but it’s still interesting to look at how they came to these conclusions.

Chat about: Have you ever been around a screaming baby that was making everyone else annoyed?


Ever since I’ve been old enough to drink alcohol, I’ve heard of the almost cult-like love for “two-buck chuck.” And considering I have some in my fridge as we speak, I see the appeal – it’s not the greatest, but at the cost of less than a bottle of water at times, it certainly is a good deal.

Chat about: Have you ever been tempted to buy something but actually thought it was “too cheap” to be good or trustworthy?


What happens when someone steals your identity? What if you become friends with that person? What if they never stole your identity in the first place? These are all questions that are answered in this fascinating account of one woman in New York who unexpectedly gained a friend in her once nightmare.

Chat about: Have you ever been the victim of identity theft? How did you handle the situation?


I’m a big gamer and many of my friends are too…had it been a competitive sport back when we were in college – let’s just say I probably wouldn’t have graduated. Now that kids at some schools are getting scholarships based on their gaming skills, it’s making us rethink just how worthless those hours in front of a screen really are.

Chat about: If you could get a scholarship for playing your favorite game, would you be able to pass your classes?


Many of you know that my background is in psychology, and I’m a big supporter of mental illness research. Depression has affected many of those I have known and taken others – something that I wish I could change. Hearing that scientists are chipping away at how to alleviate those pressures that lead to depression is good news.

Chat about: How can you help and support a friend or loved one when they are feeling depressed?


I don’t know a whole lot about online dating. I don’t even know which way you swipe on apps such as Tinder. But lots of people I know claim that it’s the key to their romantic success and considering how many people use it, there’s certainly a market. But what about those that don’t want to flirt on the internet? Good news – there’s someone you can pay to do it for you.

Chat about: Do you think paying someone to flirt for you would be beneficial or detrimental to the success of a potential relationship?


When I read about this girl who was found raised by monkeys in the jungle, it was one of those things that I felt like I must be dreaming up. Tarzan in real life is just too crazy to believe, right? Nope! It’s true, it’s fascinating, and I really am not quite sure what to think of it.

Chat about: If this girl was raised by monkeys, do you think it’s okay for authorities to take her away from them?


I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of ghosts – not just whether they exist but why we fear them, how other cultures perceive them, and how we choose to interact with them if we believe they exist. That’s why I was blown away to learn that in Thailand, it’s common for people to leave snacks out for the paranormal spirits. Turns out, I might have more in common with these snack-loving ghosts than I thought!

Chat about: If you were to leave out snacks for a ghost, what sort of snacks would you offer?


I’ve always wondered about the people who appear in cheesy stock photo images. It’s got to be kind of weird to know that your face could pop up on an advertisement at any moment and they wouldn’t even have to warn you it was going to happen. According to this person, not only is it weird but the fact that you aren’t paid for it and they can use your image for whatever they want – it’s a bit of a mistake too.

Chat about: Would you ever appear in a stock photo? Why or why not?

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