As if the world wanted to April fools me a bit early, the night of my birthday (Tuesday) I ended up having probably the worst migraine I’ve ever had. It was so bad that I felt like I needed to stay in the dark all through Wednesday, then Wednesday night another terrible headache struck. This knocked me into a fog all through Thursday and even on Friday I had a lingering headache and sense of fuzziness.

All of this is to say that this week was both fantastic and awful all in one.

I had an amazing and relaxing birthday on Tuesday, filled with happy wishes from some of my favorite people. If you reached out to me and wished me a happy birthday then I want to thank you again because all of the sweet messages really do mean the world to me.

Heading into next week (where I imagine I’ll be playing a bit of catch-up after sitting out most of this week), I’m looking to impliment some new changes to the site. Some things you might notice, some you might not – but know that even behind the scenes, some exciting things are in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you.


I know that thinking about how you might die isn’t the most uplifting thing in the world, but thinking about how NOT to die…now that’s something perhaps worth tuning in for! A group of cool humans over the age of 100 shared their secrets to long lives and happiness, and I’m thinking maybe we can learn a thing or two from what they have to share.

Chat about: If you had to say what the key to your happiness is, what would you say?


Some people try internet dating in order to find their potential soulmate, other people hang out in bars or nightclubs hoping to strike up a dance with a possible lover…and others call random numbers on the phone hoping that one day the person they’re meant to be with will answer. It’s probably not the most efficient way to find a mate, but for many it’s the method they’ve chosen.

Chat about: If you were to call up a random number, what would you say to the person who answered?


Most of us believe things once we’ve seen proof – pictures, hear anecdotes, or see for ourselves. Other people, however, are skeptical and will put countless hours of energy into trying to convince others that things aren’t as they seem. Enter the group of conspiracy theorists who spend their time yelling at the Mars rover on Twitter. Whether it’s real or not, this seems like an exhausting use of time.

Chat about: Is there anything that is widely accepted as true that you simply don’t believe?


Adding to the list of nightmares that could actually come true, we have SPIDERS EATING PEOPLE. Don’t worry, they’re not actually eating anyone….yet. It’s just that new statistics are showing that spiders could THEORETICALLY eat every human on Earth in a year. No big deal, nothing to worry about, except for that might be the scariest thing I’ve actually ever heard.

Chat about: What nightmare do you have that is technically plausible but that you would never ever want to come true?


Maybe its just me, but for I guess my entire life I’ve been under the impression that Ballpark hotdogs actually were the official hotdog of baseball. Nope, not only have they not been, but they’re not even the newest official hotdog of baseball. That honor goes to another well known hotdog producer, and with baseball starting back up this weekend I’m thinking that hotdogs might definitely be in order.

Chat about: What would the official food of your life be?


Nearly all of us wear jeans regularly, and nearly all of us agree that corsets are likely bad for one’s internal organ health. Combining the two, we’re left with the question of whether skinny jeans are also bad for your health. Better yet, are skinny jeans actually killing us? Rest assured, you’re not going to drop dead from wearing your favorite pair of jeans – but still, is it worth being worried about?

Chat about: What would you do if you found out your favorite item of clothing was killing you?


I like my morning coffee. I like my afternoon coffee even more than my morning coffee some days. But I’ve never looked at my coffee and thought to myself, “this would be even better if it had 3x the caffeine.” But, since some people actually do want that, they’ll be happy to hear that a new coffee is making it’s way to the US and it’s packed with as much caffeine as you can handle.

Chat about: What are your thoughts on a coffee that’s 3x as caffeinated as what you’re used to consuming?


For many of us, traveling full time is a dream that we aren’t banking on coming true anytime soon. But for one couple, giving up everything they owned and figuring out a way to make enough money to move around at any point isn’t a dream – it’s the reality that they chose. This look at how they’ve done it and whether they think it’s worth the sacrifice is both inspiring and utterly fascinating.

Chat about: Would you ever give up everything you own in order to travel? If so, where would you go? If not, why not?


I love my Amazon Echo devices. I’ve written about it here on this blog, I’ve told people about my use of the device, and I’ve talked with others about the perks and drawbacks of a listening device in my home. But here’s a question I hadn’t considered – can Amazon’s Alexa be your friend? Currently I use her to catch up on news and stay organized, but now I’m wondering if our relationship is ready for this next step.

Chat about: Do you have an Amazon echo or other similar product? If so, what’s your favorite use for it?


Are you looking for a new podcast to listen to but aren’t sure where to start? Check out my own podcast, Sunday Brunch with Megan + Chris, with new episodes posting every Sunday Morning. Don’t worry, you don’t have to listen on Sunday as the topics we talk about are relevant at any time.

Chat about: What would you like to hear us discuss on an upcoming episode of Sunday Brunch?