After last week’s time change, I feel like it’s taken me all week to get into the groove of things. Some days I felt like it was 10pm and I looked at a clock only to realize it was closer to 2am, other days I woke up super early for no reason. Thankfully a week later I’m feeling like I’ve finally gotten into a better routine where I’m able to wake up before noon and also enjoy all of these amazing new hours of daylight! I don’t know about you, but I just feel like there’s so much more time to do things when it’s sunny for longer! What To Talk About This Week At Brunch

In general, I really enjoyed this week. I felt like for the most part everyone was in a good mood, I was pretty productive in getting what I needed to do done, and I was even able to fit in some biking which always makes for a good time. Not to mention, I should be receiving the delivery of my new outdoor furniture this weekend meaning I can plan to take advantage of the weather warming up by doing some work outside. Of course, who am I kidding, it’s supposed to rain all next week.

Hopefully you’ve had a good week, you’ve enjoyed St. Patrick’s day, and are enjoying your weekend. May your week to come be filled with good times, plenty of rest, and happiness all around.

As someone who reads both physical books and ebooks (and has had friendships end over the reading of ebooks!), I’m just glad people are reading. But a look into book sales as a whole has shown that ebook sales have fallen not because people are reading less but because younger generations are buying physical copies of the things they read.

Chat about: Which do you prefer, physical or digital books?


I’ve been thankfully to never date someone who went crazy after our breakup, but I know many people aren’t as lucky. One guy in particular received over 10 THOUSAND text messages from an ex lover which actually might result in some pretty strict punishment for her. Moral of the story? Maybe just stay single.

Chat about: Have you ever had a break up or major life moment go horribly wrong?


Back when I was in school, I hated gym class with a passion. I was never the fastest or the strongest or even at all athletic so I dreaded gym period. One girl, during her gym class this week, went flying into a mountain of milk crates. It looks painful, but apparently only her ego was harmed. If it was me, I’d probably go into hiding so kudos to her.

Chat about: Did you have a most embarrassing childhood moment?


We’ve known for a while now that Monopoly was planning to swap out some of it’s older game pieces for new, updated ones. Personally, the classic game pieces are just fine – hence their being classic. I know it’s nostalgic from me, but the game just won’t be the same once we’re playing with these newer ones Monopoly unveiled this week. Otherwise, I still claim the dog.

Chat about: What game piece is your favorite when playing Monopoly? Which of the new ones would you claim?


Have you ever shared the bed with someone who snored so loud that no-one within ten blocks could reasonably get any sleep? Thankfully, you’re not the only one who knows the struggle. This week, Huffington post put together a post of just funny tweets people have made about their snoring partners. If you’re looking for a good laugh, I recommend starting here.

Chat about: Be honest, do you snore + how important is that to you?


I buy way too much on Amazon – it’s just so easy to remember that you need something, order it in a matter of seconds, and have it show up at your door within a couple of days. But if you’ve ever spent any time poking around the site, you probably know there are some pretty weird things that you can buy. Here’s a list of some funny ones that are so weird it’s a wonder they’re being sold at all.

Chat about: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever ordered online?


Have you ever wanted to just wander into the woods, away from civilization and everything you know, and not come back? This isn’t necessarily a common thought for most of us, but for one man it was enough to actually pick up and do it. After parking his car and wandering into the woods, he spent the next 27 years almost entirely off the grid. Read this post to learn more about how and why he decided to do it.

Chat about: If you were to just wander into the woods, how long do you think it’d take before you’d want to come back to normal life?


If you’ve ever watched even a single episode of FRIENDS, you’ve probably wondered how they managed to afford such large apartments in one of the most expensive cities in the country. One site broke down how much they paid, how much such a living arrangement would cost them now, and how they managed to afford it. If you want to know about more of your favorite shows’ apartments, check out the bottom of that post for a link.

Chat about: If you could trade houses with anyone from any TV show, what house would you want?


Looking for a podcast that is entertaining, fun, sometimes educational, and always full of oddities? I invite you to listen to my podcast, Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris! New episodes post every Sunday (makes sense, right?) but there’s no reason why you can’t listen to old ones while you wait for the newest one to post!

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