Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week, and are enjoying your day thus far! As I write this we are heading into the weekend and I can’t wait to relax and enjoy it. Plus, the time changes this weekend so if you haven’t planned ahead make sure you’re not late for things! It’s been warm here so I’m enjoying it by reading out on the patio and going on longer walks!

Spring has always been one of those seasons that I could live without but that I don’t hate. It starts to get warmer so it certainly has it’s advantages, but that also means that there’s more pollen in the air. And for me, pollen in the air means more struggling with allergies. I’m trying to be proactive this year by eating lots of fruit, adding local honey to my tea, and drinking plenty of water. I might not love this time of year, but I’m determined to enjoy it as much as possible.

As far as this week goes, it wasn’t too exciting. In fact, on Wednesday I had too much coffee on an empty stomach and ended up feeling pretty sick for the rest of the day. …When that’s the highlight of your week, I’m not sure what that says. But I can’t complain – it wasn’t at all a bad week and I ended up getting a lot done. All in all, for that I am pleased.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thus upcoming week!

I’ve heard of hard vs. soft water, but it’s not the sort of differentiation that’s every really affected me personally. Now, someone is taking the time to explain that hot and cold water actually sound different. Plus, they explain why which, consider I had no interest in the weirder nuances of my water, is actually quite fascinating.

Chat about: Have you ever noticed differences in water from one place vs. another? (Other than difference in how it tastes.)


You might think that your preference for waffles or pancakes comes from your own personal experience and taste. But think again – it might also have to do with where you’re located geographically. Not only is there a divide in preference among many, this divide can be mapped.

Chat about: Do you agree or disagree with these findings? Which do you prefer, waffles or pancakes?


If you’re like me, you likely believe that being a fast runner is more about the person doing the running and less about which shoe they wear while doing it. But for shoe brands, the thinking isn’t quite this simplistic and the desire to create the world’s fastest shoe is a serious one. Find out how this competition between brands is affecting the shoes you and I wear, and how they go about creating a shoe that really wins.

Chat about: Which do you think is more important, the runner or the shoes the runner wears?


It’s long been discussed that we’re spending more and more time looking at screens. As proof, you’re currently reading this on a screen of some sort and I looked up from my phone screen to my computer screen after checking some details on the story. But why are we so engrossed all the time? A psychologist is breaking down the facts telling us how we can get more out of our time.

Chat about: About how much time each day do you believe you spend looking at a screen?


International women’s day was this past week and with it came many incredible shows of empowerment and solidarity. One bookstore, in order to illustrate their own level of support, took the time to turn around each book that was written by a man as a visual indicator of the gender divide. Not only is this fascinating to look at, but it’s really shedding light on what it means to be a female creator.

Chat about: What experiences (shopping, work, etc) are greatly impacted by things created by women?


Middle-aged men are often known for their reckless ways, their overeating of foods that aren’t too good for them, or other things that are easy to joke about when it comes to “sending them to an early grave.” But none of these things are actually the biggest threat facing middle-age men. What is? Loneliness. Find out why this vast loneliness is changing our society as a whole. 

Chat about: If anything is going to lead you to an early grave, what would it be?


Where I live looks out over the water and as the days continue to heat up, I’ve noticed a lot more kayakers and paddle boarders taking advantage of the nice weather. One person though took this to the extreme and chose to paddle board across an entire ocean. Learn more about their journey and how they didn’t die in the process.

Chat about: Is there anything daring and extreme that you would ever consider doing in order to just say you’ve done it?


I’m in my mid twenties and I still depend on autocorrect to not make me look like an idiot when it comes to spelling. I make my living as a writer, and yet I struggle with spelling. My mom won a spelling bee as a child herself, and yet I’ve never been great at spelling. So when I heard that a 5 year old is headed to the National Spelling Bee as the youngest contestant ever? Well, thank goodness for autocorrect because I just spelled contestant wrong.

Chat about: When you were 5, what were you good at?


I recently discovered that you can sub out hummus for mayo on a ham sandwich and my world has been changed. I think that sort of reaction is what the creators of this new spreadable coffee were going for, but I dunno….I’m a bit partial to just drinking my coffee. We can thank Japan for far too much weird stuff.

Chat about: Spreadable coffee – more likely to use it than standard, normal, perfectly acceptable drinkable coffee?