This week was fun – fun in a way that was busy, exhausting, made for a long week, but was packed with memories. Some weeks drudge on by without anything interesting and others hit you in the face without slowing down. Let’s just say that I’m glad it’s finally the weekend and I think I’ll be relaxing for a while. What To Talk About This Week At Brunch

Let’s start at the beginning. I went to a basketball game on Monday that was about 2.5 hours away. By the time I drove up there, watched the ballgame, drove back, got ready for bed, and fell asleep…well, it felt like hardly 5 minutes had gone by before I needed to wake up again. Tuesday was one of the most fun #TipsyChat sessions we’ve had in a while. If you aren’t already joining us, we’d love to have you! #TipsyChat is every Tuesday night at 8:30p Eastern. Wednesday was a much needed break, although they told my building that they’d be turning our power off in order to do some construction so I sat around expecting it to go off at any moment only to receive a text message around 5pm that said (basically), “never mind.”

And then Thursday.

If you follow me on social media or know me in person, you’re probably aware of just how much I love video games. From an early age they’ve been a big part of my life. As a baby, my mom played Nintendo and Atari while I was asleep. Then I was given a gameboy, a gameboy color, a playstation, and the love for video games has continued on. Thursday night I stood in line for the first console that I’ve ever had on day one. After 5 hours standing out in the cold waiting and hoping that there were enough, I am happy to say that I have a Nintendo Switch. I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts on it very soon….but let me just say that yes, I am very tired.

Anyways, that’s about all that’s gone on in my world this week. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed yours, are enjoying your weekend, and are ready to make next week great as well.


Do you find that even as you get older, you still think about high school? You think about how much fun you have, you wish you had done things differently, or you think about how miserable it was. You’re not alone. In fact, an evolutionary psychologist is explaining why you continue to be haunted by those days in high school. 

Chat about: What was high school like for you? What’s your best memory from that time period? Worst?


What do you think is the biggest problem facing the United States? This seems like a timely question, but it’s actually one that’s been asked for ages…and we have the data from Americans’ responses. See how the responses have changed and how they’ve stayed the same through the years.

Chat about: What do YOU think is the biggest problem facing the country right now? What about non-political problem?


I live in the Bay Area, an area that is known all around the world for it’s famous bridges. As someone who loves bridges, they’re not a source of anxiety for me – but for many, fear of a tumbling bridge is a very real thing. If you’re one of those people (or if you’re not), find out just what bridges near you are worth your worries and which ones are likely safest.

Chat about: Are you ever afraid of crossing bridges? What do you fear might happen?


Have you ever fallen asleep while riding in a car, feel like you’re asleep for 5 minutes only to wake up and realize that you’re already at your destination. One Londoner had a similar-ish experience except he was in an uber and it was a “5 hour accidental detour.” Read more about what happened and how they’re handling it. 

Chat about: What’s the weirdest cab ride you’ve ever had?


I’ve never been tempted to watch pain dry or watch grass grow…but some people have. In fact, tons of people are watching one man’s grass grow and it’s insanely bizarre. Why are so many people interested and aren’t they…well….bored?

Chat about: What is the most boring thing you’ve ever done for an extended period of time?


Whenever my dog licks me, I always feel like it tickles. Same goes for cats – their tongues are weird and feel like sandpaper against our skin. But why? There’s actually a good reason, and it’s something I didn’t know about. Now I’ll never look at cat tongues in the same way….not that that was something I was dedicating a lot of energy towards in the first place.

Chat about: When it comes to pets, do you let them lick you or do you prefer that they not?

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