As many of you know, I recently moved back to Georgia. For lots of reasons really, but primary among those is that it was just time. Sure, I loved California. But Georgia is and has been home in my mind for a while. Mostly though, this move and adjustment to being back has gotten me thinking a lot about the transitions and transformations we experience over the course of our life.

Are we making the right choice?
Will we be happy?

For many of these choices, there’s a hesitancy that comes along with it – almost like we’re afraid to make that jump because we don’t know who will be there to catch us when we land on the other side. So we hang on to what’s familiar despite knowing that beyond the leap is something with the potential to be even greater. We know that – deep in our hearts we know it’s true – and yet, we hang on somewhere in the void waiting until we know one way or another what’s best.

Unfortunately, things are rarely that clear.

Sometimes we feel in control. We might be hurtling through life at speeds we can’t even begin to make sense of, but that sense of control makes it seem okay. We know most of the answers, we ask questions that lead us to conclusions we’re okay with, and we arrive at conclusions that push us along in what we can only assume is the right direction.

I mean, everything happens for a reason…right?

Then the next step comes along and we’re faced with the need to make another leap. Not again. We’re familiar with this feeling – it’s one we’ve felt before, but we thought we were done and that last time was the last time we’d be uncertain about what to do. And yet, here we are.

But what we don’t see in the moment and only realize in hindsight is that this leap we’re taking – it’s growth. It feels scary and awful and uncertain but this growth is so good for us, and all we have to do is leap – not because we aren’t afraid.

No, we make the leap because we ARE afraid. Why not? It’s the best time to grow.

Perhaps this is the true meaning of faith. There’s no guarantee we’ll make it out okay, there’s no promise of coming out unharmed on the other side. But that doesn’t stop us because we recognize that in order to move forward, our ONLY option is to jump.

Thus, we enter into a transition. During this period anything can happen. We can learn about ourselves and what we want, we can fail, we can realize that things are in need of attention or adjustment or better understanding. But the most important thing that happens during these transitions is change. Not the kind of temporary change that happens when we’re trying to make something work in the moment, but real, actual, life altering change.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that says something along the lines of “the destination is great, but the important part is the journey.” It’s not untrue – where we’re going is great. It gives us something to work toward, and sometimes even it gives us something to live for. But the journey? THAT is where the magic happens.

In the end, what I’m telling you is to honor the transitions. Honor the periods of change. Honor the scary, the uncertain, the uncomfortable. When things feel painful and out of control, remind yourself of that growth. Our transformation lies in knowing we need to take that leap in order to allow that change to take place so that we can be better and know better and actually doing it.

It can be scary. But it can also be eye opening. In taking that leap, we learn that it’s the only way we learn how to truly live.