I’m one of those people who is always learning something new. I read the news at least a bajillion times a day, documentaries are pretty much the only things I watch on Netflix, and I don’t know what I’d do on the internet if e-courses weren’t a thing.

But, hey, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a great thing! We have so many super cool and convenient resources available to us at any time and any where, it’s amazing to me that we aren’t spending MORE time learning!

To share in my excitement, here are a few interesting facts that will show you just how important it is to look and just how cool our brains are:


1. The game of Chess is an amazing teaching tool. It forces students to slow down, concentrate, use precise thinking, active both inductive and deductive reasoning, as well as recognizing difficult and complex patterns.

2. According to a 2009 study that was conducted in Paris, the participants’ brains actually worked at half capacity when they were asked to multitask. When multitasking, it typically takes the brain twice as long to complete an assignment or task, and your error rate goes up by about 50%.

3. Researchers note that something as simple as toy blocks can have incredible impacts on a young student’s mind. Even with 15 minutes of free play, children will use some of that time learning about mathematical and spatial principles. Blocks, one of the simplest and longstanding toys, teach geometry, patterns, shapes, colors, and physics.

4. Music has a calming effect on children and adults alike. Though much of modern education focuses primarily on visual sight for learning, the auditory processes are critically important for language acquisition.

5. Learning that is spread out over time drastically increases knowledge retention.

6. The simple act of recalling a memory can actually change the memory1, for example recalling something from your past – say a specific birthday present you bought for somebody years ago, that simple act of recalling that particular present weakens other related memories.

7. Drama and comedy in the classroom encourage children to listen and participate.

8. Children who construct their own video games experience increased cognitive and social growth

9. Rapping helps children learn the concept of place value in math. You read that right, rapping really is changing the way we learn!

10. A study conducted by German researchers found that quick naps could allow a learner’s brain to acquire and retain information more effectively.

11. It has been shown that learning depends heavily on where, how, whom you are with and what’s around you.

12. Children who are encouraged to talk to themselves aloud have increased probability of learning.

13. Our brain prefers images over text. Participants in studies only remember about 10% of information presented orally when they are tested 72 hours after instruction. However, that number jumps by about 65% when an image is added to the learning process.

14. Children who participate in laughing activities experience increase in memory retention. 14 Interesting Facts About Learning And Our Brain