This week’s episode of Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris was an especially good one. Not only did we start up a new competitive segment where we dive into our former social media habits, but we also covered some topics that listeners have been wanting to hear.

As always, during the Ask-A-Megan segment I answered the questions that you sent in on a particular subject – this week, that subject just happened to be Instagram! Instagram is something that I didn’t fully jump into until about a year ago. I knew that many people loved the platform but since I’m not much of a “selfie” taker, I didn’t know if it was the place for me. However, after learning that there’s really a place for everyone on Instagram, I’ve embraced it and have come to really love it.

On #SundayBrunchPod, I answered some of your questions but didn’t have time to get to all of them. Here are a few more things you wanted to know about the service.

I Answer Your Questions About Instagram

Why post on Instagram rather than Facebook or Twitter?

Ultimately this is going to be up to you – some people find that their audience is simply in one place instead of another making it an easy choice. For me, it depends on what exactly I’m posting. If I’m posting a picture from my everyday life and don’t want to edit it or have much of a caption, I post it to Twitter. If I took time to get a great shot, edited the image to make it look exactly how I want, I’ll post it to Instagram. These are just guidelines that I’ve set up for myself – Twitter images are casual and hard to look back on later in time, Instagram images are ones that I want to look back at later as more photography based.


What about privacy? Is there a way to make sure that only people I know are able to see what I post?

As with most social media platforms, Instagram has an easy way to make sure that only those you want to see your posts are actually seeing them. Simply head over to your settings and flip the switch to make your profile private. There’s no reason to not use a service simply because you’re worried about who might see it. However, it’s important to know that even with a private profile, your name, your profile image, and your “bio” are still visible to those that don’t follow you.


How do you deal with people who leave nasty comments or spam comments on Instagram?

My simple answer for this one is that I don’t. Thankfully Instagram allows the account manager (that’s you on your account) to manage all comments. That means that if I don’t like a comment, I remove it!


How can Instagram benefit my business or blog?

For a while, I had a separate account for my website but ultimately decided that the best option for me was to just merge my personal + business account. However, for some businesses, a presence on Instagram is a total game changer. People love to see behind the scenes looks at their favorite products and brands. Anything you can do to humanize the things that you’re trying to get in front of customers is helpful.


What sorts of accounts do you follow on Instagram and how do you find them?

I follow all sorts of accounts – friends, people I admire, businesses I love, cute animals, etc. But hands down my favorite way to find new accounts is using the location search. Whenever I’m heading to a new place or want to know what a restaurant or somewhere is like, I’ll look it up on Instagram. I’ve found that this is a great way to find cool places to check out when traveling and I’ve ever found a handful of new restaurants near my own house using this method.


What’s your number one tip when it comes to using Instagram?

If I had to say one tip, it would have to be to have fun with it. Instagram is a great place to try out a new angle on the way you photograph things. It’s a great way to experiment with the shots you’ve already got sitting on your phone. Fun is the name of the game on Instagram and if you’re not having fun, there’s not much of a point.


What things do you always keep in mind while using Instagram?

Quick few: be active and like what others post, utilize Instagram stories but not more than you post on your regular page, don’t get too caught up in the filters – it’s often better to just post the image how it originally looked, and don’t worry about what others are posting.


Thanks to everyone for sending in their questions. If you haven’t heard this week’s episode of Sunday Brunch, head over now to listen. I talk a lot more about Instagram so you don’t want to miss it.

Keep an eye out on Twitter every Monday for when I ask for your questions on a different topic every week! The more questions, the better – and you might even hear me answer it on the podcast.

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