I am a notoriously bad emailer. Whether I fail to respond for months, accidentally delete something important but not realize it for months, or just cease checking it altogether for a day or two – I’m guilty of all of them. I have to write it off as not wanting to be overwhelmed…but I’m trying to be better. Ask-A-Megan Leftovers: Email

This week on Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris I answered listener questions about email…a continuance of topics that I know little about but answer the questions about anyway. It got interesting, so if you haven’t yet listened go check it out!

Even my cohost, Chris, will tell you that Email isn’t my strength. When he first tried to get me onto his podcast Casting For Two over a year ago it took months of him bugging me before I finally agreed. Email after email that I said “I’ll get to later” or that fell unnoticed. I knew that I needed to be better, but I wasn’t sure where to start.

Since then, I’ve started different habits and methods in order to help me stay on top of these messages and stay organized which helps to alleviate some of the anxiety that often comes with communicating via email. By answering your listener questions, maybe I can help you as well so that you can get better at emailing.

How many email addresses have you had in your life?

I would say I’ve had maybe 10 or so. I’d have had a lot more if clients made me use specific email addresses, but thankfully I’ve been able to use the same ones for years. At the moment I have an email that I send all spammy emails and newsletters to, a personal email, a business email, and an email for this blog and my entertainment connections. I doubt I’ve had as many as some people just since I’m not a huge fan of email in the first place.

When will we see a more feminine approach to written communication? (You’ve got male…)

I know this question was a joke, but it reminded me of those pens that were pink and marketed at women as if men couldn’t use them. I appreciate the chuckle.

What’s your rule for emoticons in a professional setting?

I think that really depends on the specific professional setting – in some, the environment is more casual and those emoticons can actually be helpful for understanding the tone of a message. For other professional settings, using emoticons in email would be seen as sloppy and unprofessional. It’s going to depend on whom you’re addressing, but when in doubt it’s always best to just leave them out. :)

Have you ever pressed “send” and then wished you hadn’t?

I’ve done this more times than I wish to admit. I remember one time sending an email to the wrong professor and then noticing it about 24 hours later when the professor I meant to email asked why I had dropped the ball. It takes mistakes to learn, though, and now I’m much more vigilant about what I’m typing into those boxes – especially those ones that autofill.


Let me know your email tips and tricks – seriously, I need all the help I can get!

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