Ask-A-Megan Leftovers: CrimeIf you listened to this week’s episode of Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris (listen to it by clicking here if you haven’t), you know now that I loooove crime. True crime television, specials, movies, news…all that stuff is better than even the most overly dramatic episode of The Bachelor to me. (Fun fact, I’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelor.) After a previously unsolved case had a break near my hometown, I decided to ask listeners to send me their questions about crime and I answered some of them on the podcast!

Because I can’t possibly answer all of the questions due to time limitations, I want to answer some more of them here. So here we go!

Do you ever avoid places because they’re known to be dangerous?

I’m not careless about where I go, but I rarely avoid places that are dangerous. Let’s take San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, for example. It’s not that I avoid it but that I never have my phone in my hand because I know that snatch and grab crimes are high in that area. Or, if I know I’m walking through a more dangerous area, I’ll be sure to go during the daylight hours when crime is less likely. Avoiding an area altogether because of crime is sometimes difficult, but being smart about how you do it is not.

Are you ever afraid while out on your own?

I am by nature adventurous and quite fearless. Whether you want to chalk this up to past near-death experiences or if it’s an innate thing, I’m not sure. But no, I am rarely if ever afraid while out on my own. The key to this, in my opinion, is being aware of your surroundings. I don’t look at my phone while I’m walking on the street, I don’t wear headphones when it’s smarter to listen out, when I do wear EarPods I keep the sound low so that I can hear my surroundings, and a bit of pepper spray just in case doesn’t hurt. I’m pretty tall for a female (5’8-9-ish) and I don’t look weak – I think this helps too but is more outside of my control.

Do you think police should wear body cameras?

Police brutality is something that is on everyone’s mind right now and I wish I could say that I had all the answers to make it stop but I don’t. The truth is, I’ve never been on either side so I don’t fully understand the struggles that they face. However, just in my own opinion (which very well may be wrong, it’s just an uninformed opinion), I don’t think police body cameras hurt as they would add a level of accountability. I don’t know the statistics surrounding those that wear them vs. those that don’t but I think that if it keeps even one person safe then it’s worth it.

Have you ever seen a crime take place?

While I was in college I worked for a little while as a Starbucks barista and we were told not to pursue those that we believed were shoplifting. One day, I was making coffee or cleaning the bar or something and turned around because I heard a lot of people yelling all the sudden. Someone had come in, grabbed a laptop that was being used by a customer near the entrance, ran away and hopped into a getaway car. We had to talk to the police about what we saw and it made for a very interesting shift. Unfortunately I’m not sure whether they ever caught the thief but I remember hearing that the same thing had been done at many coffee shops in the area. Now, on the rare occasion that I take my laptop and work out of a coffee shop I try to avoid sitting near the door so as to avoid this happening to me.

What extra precautions do you take to stay safe?

Safety is a big deal to me, especially in my home. Before I move somewhere I always make sure to check out the crime statistics so that I’m not unknowingly moving to somewhere that I will be unsafe. Unfortunately these things change over time and I have moved because I no longer felt like I was safe in the area where I was living. I also have multiple security cameras in my home (these are the ones I use + can control them from an app on my phone) and security system that I can arm. These things help me feel comfortable that I would have footage of any suspicious activity were it to occur and means that I can check in on the security of my home while I’m away. Anything you can do to keep yourself safe is a good investment.


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