Ask-A-Megan: AliensOn this week’s episode of Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris, I tackled your listener questions about ALIENS. Now, before you ask, no I don’t know much about aliens. I’ve seen the movie “Signs” a handful of times and I love the cute little green aliens in Toy Story, but outside of that – I don’t know too much.

But that’s half the fun!

I had lots of good questions this week and I answered some great ones on the podcast, but like every week we simply didn’t have time to answer all of them. To make sure I get more questions answered, I’ll answer a few more here!

Do you have an irrational fear of aliens like I do? What about ghosts or demons?

I wouldn’t say I have an irrational fear of them – my fears are totally rational!!! Just kidding, I don’t actually fear aliens all that much. In fact, If I knew they were coming to earth and wandering around, I think that’d be pretty cool. I mean, how cool would it be to say you’re friends with an actual alien?? I’m not too fearful of ghosts or demons either, although if I knew for a fact that they were real and out to get me I might feel otherwise.

Why don’t we all believe in alien life? In an infinite universe do we truly believe that only humans are alive?

I think if we’re talking on a scientific level, yes to believe that humans are the only intelligent life out there is a bit silly. But what people fail to remember is that our pop-culture based view of aliens are likely very different from what scientists are searching for. The changes of intelligent life being found in something that is microscopic or nearly invisible is likely, whereas E.T. coming to Earth and following Reese’s pieces to ask you for a telephone…well, let’s just say those chances are pretty slim.

Do you think we would recognize an alien if we walked past one?

In my mind, I’m gonna have to say no. I think that if they were to come to our planet and wanted to fit in they’d have to figure out how to adapt and look human. Otherwise there would be mass freakout and they’d go away. Again…this is all just a made up scenario in my head. If they’re cute and cuddly looking, maybe we’d just accept them as our pets.

If you met one, what’s the first thing you’d ask?

I think I answered this one on the podcast, but I’d definitely ask if I could try some of their alien food.

If aliens are already among us and observing, which do you think they’re more likely to be: dogs, cats, birds, or spiders?

I’m gonna have to go with spiders. Have you seen how many eyes those things have?! There’s got to be a reason why they want to see so much and why they’ve got so many legs. On second thought, I might have just solved why so many of us hate spiders.

If aliens asked what the single best food is for their one Earth meal, what would you say? No pressure.

That’s easy – chocolate cheesecake! You can’t not like someone who is offering you chocolate cheesecake.

What would you do if you came across an alien?

My truly honest answer would probably be to just observe it for a bit and then send my friends a text message with something along the lines of  “hey, I’m not drunk but I think I found an alien.”

Why do most tv shows/movies make it seem like aliens would only come to destroy us?

This is a really, really good question and one I’m not entirely certain of. My first inclination is to guess that them or us being the enemy automatically creates drama. It’s hard to maintain audience attention without some level of tension, and what’s more anxiety inducing than the unknown?

Do you think all bipedal aliens have a sternocleidomastoid?

That’s an interesting one, and I’m not sure. I assume that in order to fly their spaceships safely they’d need to be able to rotate their heads – seems exhausted and like a real safety hazard otherwise!


Thanks to everyone who sent in their fantastic questions this week! Keep an eye out next week for when I post on Twitter asking for more of your fun questions! If you haven’t yet listened to this week’s episode of Sunday Brunch and want to hear me answer more questions about aliens, head on over to and give episode #24 a listen!

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