Our App Spotlight for this week (found to the right of your screen) goes to Orchestra To-Do.

Orchestra advertises itself as “App Store Productivity App of the Year ★ iPhone App of the Week ★ LifeHacker’s #1 iPhone To-Do”  – in other words, supposedly it’s good.

For many people, days often begin with making a check list of what really needs to get done that day.  The downside to making a checklist though, is that you always have to either carry it with you where ever you go or return to where you last placed it in between tasks. Rarely, though, are you not alongside your iPhone or iPad.  So, of course, there’s an added convenience to using Orchestra – but we wouldn’t recommend an app for our App Spotlight due only to it’s convenience…


After you download the app onto your device, to begin using Orchestra To-Do you’ll need to create an account. This is so that if you are planning on using the application in a group, others can find you.  It also makes it easy to use your account & access your to-do’s across devices which is handy if you’re a busybody like me!

After you’ve created your account, there are many things you can do to aid in your quest to productivity. The app claims to be “simple and elegant for personal use – powerful enough for a family or team.” Basically, Orchestra can help you no matter your lifestyle!

If you have time to write out your task list, feel free to do so.  But the most handy feature for people constantly on the go is the ability to record voice memos.


If you’re still not sold, (you don’t have to be – it’s FREE!) some other perks include the ability to chat with others even if they’re not members in order to more easily accomplish your tasks.  This can come in handy if you’re working on a group project of some sort, need some help, or even to gain & offer encouragement to your friends!


& I have saved the best for last, but my very favorite feature comes in handy if you have previously been a person who emailed to-do lists to yourself so that they would be on all of your devices. NOW, all of your email lists can easily be converted into lists on Orchestra To-Do just by emailing them to Orchestra – it’s REALLY that simple!!!

I think it’s worth mentioning again that this app is currently FREE in the app store.

So go ahead – click on the link to the right of your screen & begin making your to-do lists NOW!



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