Last week we looked at some interesting facts about early risers. Today, we’ll look at the other side of the table – night owls.

For some people, staying up late isn’t about having fun or staying out until the morning, but rather just the way they are. But as with anything, there are pro’s and con’s to being someone who functions better during the late night hours. If you’re one of these people, perhaps you will identify with a few or all of these facts. If you’re a morning person though, hopefully this will give you some insight into those who envy your ability to get “up and at ’em” so easily.


01. Even though night owls tend to sleep later into the day than their early riser counterparts, fewer late risers claim to drink no caffeine. One might think that coffee might not be necessary for someone who sleeps late, but apparently this is not true.

02. Regardless of the time that a night owl wakes up, many claim that they stay up due to sleep quality rather than level of exhaustion. Although they may be able to fall asleep at a decent time of night, they often feel that when they force themselves to go to bed early their quality of sleep simply isn’t as good as if they stayed up.

03. This one is more well known, but many night owls feel that they are most creative when the rest of the world is sleeping. As for why this is, no one really knows but it is a trait shared across many night owls.

04. Night owls, due to a difference in their own circadian rhythm, tend to wake up during the peak of their sleepiness making them feel more groggy and/or more difficult to wake up.


05. Although sleep schedule preferences are largely innate, much of it is also habit. Since “bedtimes” are more of a learned behavior, your parents’ habits may have had more of an effect on your bedtime habits than you may have thought.

06. Although not for certain related, those who stay up late and sleep late, even if they get adequate sleep, exhibit a marked increase in psychopathology, i.e. mental disorders.

07. However, studies have shown that people who stay up later tend to be smarter overall. …So maybe it does have its perks.


Bonus fact: Humans are the only mammal that will willingly delay sleep!


If you’re a night owl, do you identify with any of these? Morning people, what do you make of these facts? Leave any feedback in the comments section or tweet me @tipsy_writer

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