November is probably my favorite month. Some years it’s borderline warm and other years you find yourself bundling up, but it’s always that month that leads you into the end of the year and reminds you of why so many of us love the fall season.

When I think about Novembers I think about the changing leaves, hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace on chillier nights, and breaking out the sweaters that we have forgotten how much we love during the warmer months. And don’t even get me started on Thanksgiving – any day that centers around good food is sure to be a hit in my book.

To celebrate the end of the month drawing near, I have put together this short list of interesting things you might not have known to be true of this month we are in.

1. The name ‘November’ comes from the Latin for nine (novem), as it was the ninth month of the Roman calendar.

2. November was called “Blood Month” by the ancient Saxons because that was the month they sacrificed animals to their gods.

3. Observed during the second week in November, National Split Pea Soup Week celebrates exactly what you’d think it does: that yummy green potage.

4. There is no mention of the month of November in any of Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets.

5. November has been designated National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month.

6. November is National Pomegranate Month in the USA.


Happy November!!

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