Even the happiest of people experience moments of anger from time to time. Only when it gets out of hand or to be a problem is it really something that should be worried about. It is a natural emotion that helps us to defend ourselves.

Handled in a positive way, it can be a motivating factor. But everyone experiences anger in a different way and the resulting emotions are not always positive. However you respond or react to your own feelings, here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about anger.

Interesting Facts About Anger

01. Anger is more than just an emotion, it actually has physiological effects that occur alongside of it. These range from racing heartbeats, sweating, and increase in blood pressure.

02. It’s not as simple as just being either angry or not – it’s a bit more complicated than that. Think of it as if on a scale. There are varying degrees of anger ranging from annoyed to rage.

03. It’s usually some outside factor that you feel leads to you becoming angry. However, there are many factors that can make you more susceptible to feeling that anger. These are things such as hunger, heat, exhaustion, dehydration, or other circumstances of annoyance.

04. One thing that has been shown to consistently combat anger is humor. Not only do most people enjoy humor, but it break the attention and stress caused by feeling angry and refocuses it on something less physiologically taxing.

05. Anger, at least in Western culture, is largely thought of as a more masculine emotion. Because of this, girls and boys are taught differing stances when it comes to handling their anger. Men tend to express their anger physically and impulsively, where women tend to be resentful and emotional.

06. We mentioned early that anger is linked to other physiological reactions. In the same bucket, uncontrolled anger and outbursts that become out of hand have been linked to side effects as severe as stroke or heart attacks.


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