During out lifetime, it is estimated that we will meet around 80,000 people. When you think about how many people that is, it’s understandably hard to fathom. Multiple sports fields, arenas of people – it’s difficult to even create a way that accurately explains it’s enormity.

And yet, when a poll was conducted recently on the streets of New York City, most individuals claimed to have 10 or less people that they considered to be close friends. Out of the thousands of people we meet, only a very, very small percentage of them go on to become our friends.

There are multiple ways to look at this. On the one hand, it means that those who are our friends are very special from the beginning. There was something that drew you together and there’s likely a reason why you remain close. On the other hand, it illuminates the care that must go into choosing who we keep around as friends and who is just another passing face.

Even with a number as big as 80,000, we don’t have nearly enough time to keep people in our lives who don’t need to be there. Now, of course, there are exception. We keep people for reasons other than their value, but for the sake of this article, let’s think of things on a bigger scale. These are the people we choose to let into our lives as friends, whom we have no obligation to otherwise.

Here are a few people that you’re better off without:


The person that doesn’t believe in you

First, you need to believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving successes beyond your wildest dreams. Someone that is worthy of your friendship is someone who would tell you the same thing, and not only tell you that, but they would believe you capable of it themselves. Words mean a lot, but knowing that someone has your back and truly believes in you is someone worth cherishing.


The person that is trying to one-up you

Many of us have had these people in our lives. We go to them wanting to share our own good news with them only to find that they feel the need to steal that spotlight with their own achievements. We want to be happy for our friends, but we want them to be happy for us too. Of course, the reverse of these people are true as well. Someone who always seems to be having a harder time than you is someone that is unlikely to support you when you most need it.


The person that only uses you for THEIR gain

This is a classic case of “using someone” and there are unfortunately plenty of people out there who are shameless about doing it. You don’t want to have to be in a position where you aren’t helpful when someone needs it, but it is not your job to constantly be putting forth effort only for that other person’s gain. Sometimes you need to put yourself first, and in this case it may be time to look out for yourself.



What other sorts of people do we not need in our lives?

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2 thoughts on “3 People You Don’t Need In Your Life

  1. I completely agree with this post – life is hard enough as it is without having negative people hanging over our heads like a dark cloud. I try to distance myself from these kinds of people myself, and I tend to keep quiet about my life plans when I feel an alert going off in my brain that someone like this is hovering close by. I don’t know if you watch Modern Family, but there was an episode where the grandpa, Jay, was being especially negative toward his family’s goals but it was his way of pushing them to do better. This works for me in some cases because when someone doesn’t believe in me it only fuels my desire to succeed in that particular goal, and it drives me to prove them wrong.

    Really loved this post!

    Nihaad – Read & Seek

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