15 Interesting Facts About HappinessSure, we all want to be happy – we feel great, the world seems a little brighter, and it doesn’t hurt that we seem to get more done.  But how much do we really know about happiness? Here are some interesting facts to get you thinking and, you know, happy! 


1. As little as 7 minutes of exercise can be enough to give you a noticeable boost in happiness levels. Even if you don’t have time for a strenuous workout, a quick burst of activity can make a big difference


2. Although you might think that warm weather is the key to happiness, the ideal temperature/happiness coupling is somewhere around 58 degrees


3. Money does and doesn’t buy happiness – initially, things that money can buy may make you happy, but after that initial surge in happiness, additional money does not equate to additional happiness


4. High levels of stress ultimately lead to high levels of happiness. Remember how awesome you felt after you finished taking a test as a kid? Turns out that there’s a good reason behind that


5. Happy people actually earn more than unhappy people.  The can’t be that difficult – we are naturally drawn to those who are happy and less likely to be drawn towards individuals who are noticeably unhappy


6. Doing good things for others is one of the quickest paths to happiness. Although it is often a short-lived burst of happiness, the happiness that follows an act of selflessness is one that is difficult to top


7. Floral smells can make you happier.  Sure, having someone give you flowers often brings happiness, but even buying yourself flowers and smelling them in your room will make you feel happier overall


8. Although those who are happier earn more, levels of education and intelligence do not have any notable impact on levels of impact


9. Those who live closer to their workplace claim to live happier lives.  It’s understandable that those who spend less time commuting and more time with their families or doing activities that they enjoy would be happiest


10. Giving away money to those who truly need it has been shown to be reflective of greater levels of happiness than spending that money on one’s self. Again, higher levels of selflessness tend to lead to higher levels of personal happiness


11. Smiling – even if you are faking a smile – can lead to a noticeable difference in your level of happiness.  Lesson to learn here is that if you want to be happy, just make yourself smile until it starts to work


12. Those who feel they have a strong grasp on their purpose in life claim to also experience high levels of happiness.  Although it’s understandable to be unsure of life’s future, those who do what they love each and every day tend to be happier than their counterparts


13. Although it is said that black is universally the most flattering clothing color for all body types, brightly colored clothing actually makse not only the wearer but also those around them happier


14. It has often been thought that happy people are luckier than unhappy people.  Turns out, happy people may not actually be luckier but they are significantly more likely to see the positive aspects in even the most negative of situations


15. Getting older actually makes people happier.  Although many young people dread the idea of aging, older individuals have been shown to have much higher levels of happiness. Why? Happy thoughts tend to stay in our minds better than sad thoughts.  With so many happy moments to look back on, older individuals tend to have a much more positive, happy outlook on all that life holds



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    1. Same here! I had to include that last fact simply because there was some sense of comfort in it. I think so many of us get hung up on the “getting older” part that we forget about the great things that come with aging

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