I’ve written a bit about introverts here in the past and have consistently had readers say that they really appreciate that society is slowly but surely coming to understand the divide between introverts and extroverts (&, of course, those who fall somewhere in between.)

For right now, we will focus introverts and how they function differently (later we will focus on extroverts, so don’t feel left out if you can’t really relate) and hopefully it will help you to better understand yourself and/or those introverts within your own life.

10 Interesting Facts About Introverts

01. Being an introvert has nothing to do with shyness, nor does it imply that they are afraid of interacting with others. What it does mean is that introverts often do not interact simply for the sake of interacting.

02. Introverts do not tend to have tons of friends. Instead, they intensely value their close friends. If you have an introvert friend, you probably have an ally for life.

03. Recharging is important to introverted individuals. Rather that going out all of the time, they place a high value on quiet and restful time so that they can feel refreshed and prepared.

04. Those who are introverted do not necessarily want to be alone all the time. However, they do tend to be more comfortable with their own thoughts than others.

05. Introverts generally prefer to be valued for what they can bring to the table as an individual rather than how well they fit in with a group. Because they prefer to think for themselves, they seldom are left to follow what is thought of as popular.

06. Introverts cannot be expected to “become” extroverts. They simply have a different temperament and manner of handling things. Sometimes the best solutions come from having a combination of the two personality types.

07. Introverted people are usually very good observers. Because they recognize that sometimes it’s best to be quiet and observe, they often notice small details in things that others might not notice.


08. Many introverts have been known to thrive in the online world. This is not because they are nerdy or weird, but because this manner of communication allows for more of a chance to think through what is being said.

09. Not all introverts will be easy to spot. While most will be more quiet and reserved, this is not necessarily how they are distinguished. Instead, while extroverts gain fulfillment from the outside world, introverts gain fulfillment by seeking within themselves.

10. Introverts, even though they are good listeners by nature, still need someone to talk to. If you are an introvert, don’t feel that you should bottle things up inside of yourself. Alternatively, if you know an introvert don’t forget to listen to them as well. They’ll be there to listen to you when you need them.


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14 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About Introverts

      1. How can it become weak, being strong enough giving your thoughts a thought?

        Is it weak, thinking your plan over?
        It’s sad… not knowing… not thinking… what you’re wanting with you’re life.. see that’s sad :)

        sorry. but, me/we tend to having a better life, than the 70-90% of the rest :) cause we enjoy ourself, advice, learn it:)
        trust me… it’ll help you. you’d feel more satifsied about yourself, that’s a promise, reading this article, should indicate that i know what i’m thinking/talking about.

        i’m 50/50 btw.

        not extrovert nor introvert.

        1. Whooops forgot… what do you think we think? about…

          no we don’t want an education… we want more…

          If my English/American dosn’t make sence/Sense ;) to you, it is because i am Danish.

  1. I am so completely ALL of the above. A true text-book introvert. I have always been that way and will never change. Well, like you say, we can’t change who we are can we? I feel what Jennifer says, because it is bad that introverts are regarded as weak. We find it completely unnecessary to voice our opinions and knowledge out loudly for the world to hear. I do really wish that people would take us more seriously instead of thinking because we don’t advertise it, we’re not intelligent/happy/whatever. I love introverts! They’re true people (… and of course … i relate)

    1. I agree! I’m enjoying that so much attention is being given to introverts recently – there’s hope for understanding! :)

  2. As an introvert, i concur with every point raised here. It is not easy being one. Sometimes people will brand you a snob, others will think you are just antisocial…But I salute everyone who takes time to reach out and connect with all the beautiful souls christened INTROVERTS.

  3. I am an introvert, I am mot one to interact for the sake of interacting. I have introduced my self to people a few times, but more often than not I wait for others to introduce themselves to me. I can be very talkative someties, it depends on who am talking to and the topic being discussed. I dont hang out with friends very often, I just wait until someone invites me to go out with him, but I seldom invite anyone. I only talk when I have something to say. Sometimes I have a lot to say, but am usually really quiet. When am sitting with a group of friends, am usually the quitest person in the group. Some of my friends who are about the same age as me say that sometimes they need to stay at home and do nothing, one of them even said that this wasn’t the case when she was a teenager. Thank God I wasn’t that kind of teenager. A lot of the teenagers I knew had to go out on a weekly basis, whenever Id tell them I dont go out, they would tell me I need to go out more often. They would even ask me why I don’t go out. They never realized how awesome not going out is.

    1. yes i do agree. im Keahn and too now realised that i am an introvert. I have certain people who i can talk with and be social and these people are people who can relate to what I say to them… like i tell a joke they would seem interested. They must simply be similar to who i am. I love being home and dont worry about friends but i do think its important to be with friends sometimes.

  4. I’m an introvert and I hate to be forced to attend party or visit relativs, No one understands.
    Above one is just a glance.
    I need a different universe for introverts.

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